Monday, 5 January 2015

And so that was Christmas........

.....the tree went up....
and now it's down. The chocolates are all gone and there's just a few Turkish Delight left...... and a little bit of homemade sloe vodka....
....another year over and a new one just begun. Now it's all about the soup. Happy new year!!

Top tip: go see 'Birdman', a cheeky matinee is especially good at blowing away the January blues....


  1. Happy New Year, stranger! Birdman looks good. xxx

  2. My soup days are delayed, I have chocolates left! Birdman looks good, I must just do that. :) Happy new year!
    Jess x

  3. Have just taken down ' Christmas ' but, like Jess, still have loads of choccies left !!!!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2015. XXXX

  4. Oh Birdman. Must put that one on my list. Happy 2015 to you.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You achieved the coveted feather tree look with your tree. It's beautiful. I've tried hacking off branches to get the same effect, but it hasn't worked out well.

  6. Saw an ad for Birdman when off seeing the Hobbit the other day - did look interesting.

    We have a mountain of chocolates still to eat... as every year my wife said this year "I'll not buy as much next year" lol

    Happy New Year

  7. Saw that Birdman , was good except for the last bit which did not really make sense. Tim whasits was really good in it. No just googled it was Edward Norton, I'm starting to sound like my mother

  8. Best wishes for the new year, and thanks for the tip.

  9. Sloe vodka and Turkish Delight???? Where do you live? :)

    So glad you got a snugly throw too.

  10. Happy New year to you and your family and loved ones

  11. Wishing you the best year ahead, Dear!

    ALOHA from Honolulu