Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Is it raining with you........

This wet 'n' wild weather maybe wreaking havoc elsewhere, but here in north London my rhubarb is coming up roses....... let the harvesting begin.....
Top tip: Go see Her, it's a brilliant movie and that comes from a technophobe-sci-fi-hating-not-very-keen-on-Joaquin fan!!

Friday, 7 February 2014

I'd just like to thank.......

...... the NHS.
I had to go for a routine breast screen...... getting your tits out for the nurses is where it's at when your old. Fortunately I have spent very little time in any hospital but when I do I am always blown away by the people who work there. All of them. But, as someone who is so squeamish putting a band aid on a child's scraped knee has me practically passing out, I think nurses are astonishingly brilliant. How they get up everyday and go and do that often thankless job, taking care of us, I do not know. Thank God for all of us they do. The nurse was efficiently caring, giving clear instructions and constant reassurance that it would all be over very soon. Any woman who has been through it knows it's not pleasant but it is quick. How utterly brilliant that we are offered this service, without even asking. How utterly brilliant that these nurses are there to help us. Yes, hospitals can kill you but most of the time they are looking after us really, really well. My appointment was over in minutes, I thanked her and with a smile she was gone through the door and on to the next one.

And a big thanks also goes to Patti Smith. Regular readers will know that 'fan' hardly covers my love for the woman, I practically need a restraining order. Billed as an evening of words and music at the Cadogan Hall in Chelsea, it was, by any standards, a blinding gig. Such is the age of her fan-base that even I feel young, always a bonus, but it didn't stop a grey wave surging the stage as we stood and danced, arms aloft, screaming out G. L. O. R. I. Aaaaaaa Glooooooooria!!

Top tip: when suffering from a touch of sciatica, dance wildly with your arms stretched in the air for a while..... works wonders!!