Friday 17 April 2015

It starts.....

What weather..... the sun is shining.....
and everything feels a whole lot better. First glass of rose, outside in the warm early evening........ I do hope the summer is going to be sunny.

In other news, I went to a life drawing class for the first time in ooh...... 30 years....... at the suggestion of a friend. When I mentioned this fact to the teacher he was quite surprised...... then I realised he wasn't born the last time I had the charcoal out. I enjoyed it so much am going back next week..... channelling my inner Gustav Klimt. Oddly enough, when I had to do for A level and at Art college I hated it.

Top tip: do something you haven't done for awhile.

Thursday 2 April 2015

The eyes have it......

'Twas in another lifetime but not quite of toil and blood..... although if you've ever been backstage at a fashion show, well need I say more..... I practised the dark arts of maquillage. These days I like to think the few tricks I learnt in the trade help keep my inner crone at bay but I rarely get worked up about a product ....except when it's an exceptional product.

And so I want to share with you all my new favourite thing: the Surratt smokey eye baton! OK, so here I do need to declare an interest, I know the creator of this line, Troy Surratt, in fact more than that, he has been known to site me as the one who propelled him into the big time but really we need to do that story over a glass or two.

So, back to the baton; it is essentially eye liner and an eye shadow on a's all you need to look fabulous. It goes on with ease and stays there, I love it so much I wore smokey eyes to yoga. There a number of other deliciously gorgeous things in his line, currently on sale in Liberty and I plan to try them all, check it out

Now back to the buns and bunnies and chocolate..... happy Easter.

Top tip: a little bit of new make up can go a long way.