Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dream on......

As the rain kicks in after a glorious weekend, it does seem to be time to pack away the fitflops and factor fifty. It didn't feel like we had much of a summer, especially as I manged to be away for 'the hottest day of the year'. Unbelievably, the sun actually shone on my birthday this year and as all August babies grow up to know, it is a very changeable month with many a birthday party or picnic or trip to the beach abandoned due to inclement weather, amidst howls of high winds and disgruntled children.

However, this year on my birthday I didn't cry because I didn't want to because the sun shone and we went to Margate. To Dreamlands to be precis, the fabulous, relaunched retro theme park with dodgems and a carousel. And a bar. And it was brilliant.
Here I feel I should declare an interest as it was my great great great grandfather, Lord George Sanger, the Victorian circus entrepreneur, who not only added the 'Lord' to his name and introduced the 3-ring circus but also started the Pleasure Gardens in Margate, which subsequently became Dreamlands.

High on excitement and sticky with candy-floss we walked across the sands in the sunshine to the Turner Contemporary gallery to enjoy the Grayson Perry show before nipping up the cemetery to say Hi to the dead rellies.  A fabulous day out in Margate.

Enjoying the last of the summer sun slightly closer to home this weekend, I went to a vintage fair in Bethnal Green and finally met the fabulous Vix vintagevixon.blogspot.co.uk ........ if you are not familiar with her brilliant blog check it out, always a ray of sunshine on even the dullest day.

Top tip: it's all about the conkers now, fill your draws and save your woolies from the moth!!