Friday, 24 September 2010

I've been fashion blog tagged......

The ab fab Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted has thought fit to include A Girl's Guide To Turning 50 in her list of fashionistas to be Fashion Blog tagged........touched, honoured, shocked, stunned, I'd just like to thank her, the academy.......anyway, who am I to disagree, as anyone who has ever read Christina's brilliant blog knows, the woman invented good taste an lives the kinda glamorous life style the rest of us can only fantasize about....thank goodness some one's doing it.

And so:

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
A Cary Grant look alike would be nice, failing that......sunglasses and a hat can cover a lot of sins.

Who is your fashion role model?
Well......I have a big love for Vivienne Westwood because lets face it, the woman is unique, I like things to be a bit quirky. And I like that Patti Smith does her own, age-defying-thing, and Diane Keaton gave me my Annie Hall moment. But I really like my Grandma's style, back in the day. I have a champagne, raw-silk, pencil skirt that was hers, that I adore and a fantastic, Pucciesque print, silk caftan top with matching Capri pants that can only be worn individually for fear the psychedelic design might send people crazy.

What do you always carry with you?
Rescue Remedy, a black, mole skin note book and my Transport for London Oyster Card........oh the glamour!!

How would you describe your style?
Desperate? Wanting?.......usually to be somebody else, closet's a bit like a dressing up box.

What's you favourite-jeans, sunglasses or heels?
It's got to be sunglasses, they make my jeans look glamorous.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I don't really blog about fashion and until last year I'd never ever read a blog. The whole blog thing started by accident when a friend was out of work and I was encouraging her to do it. She ended up getting the TV producing job of her dreams and never did it and here I am.......

What is your favourite fashion store?
Anywhere with the sign SALE in the window.......I tend to buy the majority of my clothes second hand, partly because of financial constraint and partly cos I love a bargain. I don't really do second-time-around Dorothy Perks or H&M, but seek out the labels. Most of my disposable income goes to Seconda Mano in Islington, who will sell your designer threads for you. Fortunately, I live in an area where a lot of people wouldn't be seen dead in last season..... so I hoover up all sorts of goodies.

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Anything you don't have to iron.......seriously, I'm a shake and go girl. I did buy an iron...for son was about 12 and asked me: "what is this?" I've been out with guys who've refused to leave the house with me, and actually ironed the offending item themselves. Also cashmere gets me every time.......what's not to love?

Who are your favourite designers?
Got to be Vivienne Westwood because she's just such a brilliant person. Barbara Hulaniki, I'm always keen to channel my inner Biba. I like Marc Jacobs, a bit of Prada and am quite taken with what's happening at Celine now.

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
No........I'm probably the only person that can destroy a garment sewing a button back on.......recently snipped through the sleeve of a much loved cardi doing just did it

Who's left that hasn't already been tagged?

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  1. I'm with you on the ironing front. When Mr TNMA moved in he couldn't believe I didn't own an ironing board

  2. I would also love Cary Grant as an accessory fact I loved his style in "To catch a thief" its all the stripes and little bandana neck scarfs... oh such a sexy man xx

  3. Dear Jo, ooh yes Cary Grant would be a marvellous accessory. Loved your answers, I had Annie Hall in my head for you. Love.

    I'm with you and Mrs TNMA I have NEVER owned an iron or an ironing board and don't intend to. Have a fabulous weekend xx

  4. PS. I tagged you because your blog is a great read and I love it. I'm not interested in purely fashion blogs xx

  5. I'd fight you for Cary Grant! In my head, I am Juliette Binoche! xxx

  6. What brilliant answers! I love that your favourite shop was one with a sale sign in the window. xxx

  7. Cary Grant - perfect accessory!

    Ali x

  8. Thank your friend for getting that job. We all get to enjoy you now.

  9. Hi there-loved your answers and how decadent not to use an iron, lol!! thanks for stopping by too, have a great week ahead!!

  10. What a marvelous -- and funny post. I am extremely flattered to be included in your list of "hits."

    Merci mille fois. I doubt I can be as clever as you are, but I shall soon try with more thanks to you in the execution thereof.


  11. love the sound of your grandma's style. She would have been proud of you!

  12. Hi. Loved your answers and so sorry I haven't played along... I kept your comment email in my inbox but when I clicked the link to your site it came up not found. Anyhoo... I got here via Google!

    Favourite Accessory - That would have be confidence; without it I'm rubbish!

    Fashion Role Model - At the moment, Olivia Palermo and SJP... pretty obvious I know but I can't hide the love!

    Always Carry - Lip balm and my iPhone - utterly essential!

    My Style? - Easily led - it changes from day to day and depends if I had time to sort out an outfit the night before!

    Jeans, Sunglasses or Heels? - Heels... always!

    Inspiration to blog about fashion - I had to.. if I didn't I feel my head would have exploded with all thats in there!

    Favourite fashion store - Selfridges... it's The Mothership!

    Favourite fabric in clothing - Good old, hold it all together Lycra in the right measure. And cashmere.

    Favourite Designers - Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Chanel. Utter heaven.

    I'd choose to buy something high quality... you've clearly never witnessed my attempts at sewing!