Wednesday 8 September 2010


I've had a hair cut and I'm not one hundred percent happy. It's OK, not bad, but not great. The thing is hair, or at least my hair, knows when it's going to be cut. I have very thick hair that can, on a good day, be the envy of all, far and wide. But on a bad day, I look like an organic social worker who spends her spare time singing harmonies with one finger stuck in her ear. So, when it all starts to go a bit care-in-the-community I make the call for a cut. And as soon as I do it looks fab. Family and friends peer intently and remark: 'you look good'. I check in the mirror and they're right. I trip down the street and heads turn as I toss my auburn mane and the nearer the day of the coiff, the better it gets. So there I was, working my Sophia Loren meets Julie Christie look and now it's all gone............ a bit boring, a bit too short. I didn't really pay that much attention as the long, dark tresses fell to the floor, so intent was I to devour as many glossy magazines as I could. I once had this bloke cut my hair who was clearly way too over excited to be on a natural high. He talked incessantly whilst maintaining eye contact with me in the could he know what he was cutting if he was looking at me? Clearly he didn't. The result was grim but what do you do once the hair is gone? I hate hair cutting conversation, I just want to drink the coffee and read the Vogue. Fingers crossed my hair is just sulking and will forgive me soon for getting the chop. And, in a couple of weeks, I'll morph into Liv Tyler.

On my return from the salon, I stopped to peruse the fruit and veg at my local greengrocers.........keeping it green and real in north London......I discovered a fabulous fruit new to me: the doughnut peach, a peach that looks like a doughnut, so sweet and jucy and delicious and it kind of makes you think you're eating a wicked doughnut when actually you're eating uber-healthy fruit. Diet food of the Gods, surely. For all I know this delicacy may have been on our shelves for ages, everyone may have been chowing down on the soft white, almond scented flesh, but no one has mentioned it to me. In many ways it looks more like a peach that's been sat upon by a large peach-picker, but no matter, I've discovered them now and shall be feasting on them while stocks last.

Top tip: brighten your dull Autumn day with an easy trip to the countryside, just go see Tamara Drewe, a highly entertaining movie featuring the fabulous Tamsin Greig.


  1. Did you read my recent post about my lovely haircut! Bet yours is not as bad! I hate going to the hairdressers! Did you like Tamara Drewe? I thought it was strange. I loved Tamsin Greig and the naughty girls though (and the cottages and locations).

  2. Have you got a pic of you with your new cut? I'm sure that it's really lovely!

    Not seen Tamara Drewe - it will be MONTHS before it makes it to the island.

    Is it as odd as Diane says? If so, in what way?

    LMAO - sounds like I've just set you O-Grade Film Studies :-)

    Ali x

  3. Photo please (of the new cut, not the doughnut peach)

  4. We all so look forward to our "maintenance days." I'm sorry yours didn't turn out as you would have liked. The good thing is that hair grows! And if you pop some multi-vitamins, it grows even faster! I'm sure you will find a look that makes it fabulous.

  5. This made me laugh.I have problem hair too,thick,curly and not easily managed.I recently went a whole year without visiting the hairdressers due to a bad experience.You know when they do the mirror thing?and ask if its OK?
    Well stupidly I said "Ooh lovely I just need the face to go with it now" It was a joke,but she offered me a Botox appt in the back room..
    Left feeling worse than when I went in there,despite the nice hairdo!

    PS I hate the small talk too I like peace, quiet,the magazine and coffee.I make a point of telling them I don't want to chat,usually they are relieved,maybe you could try this approach.

  6. Another wimp here who always said "Yes, lovely" when the mirror thing was done......

    I am with you re just wanting to be handed coffee and read magazines.........

  7. Dear Jo, I'm not brave enough to ever have much cut off my hair and I hate it when they get carried away.

    I can recommend an excellent hairdresser who I used to go to years ago. I used to go to the salon Soho on but she changed her hours and could only do me on a Saturday. I'd always be up all night on a Friday so in the end I had to go somewhere else. She's now moved to St John's Street so me and all my friends are going there now.

    The doughnut peach sounds delicious. Is it from the big greengrocer's near Steve Hatt?

    I definitely want to see Tamara Drewe, I meant to ask you what you thought. I know I'll like it, I love a British movie xx