Friday, 6 August 2010

Weather or not.......

I woke up early, the sun was shinning. A beautiful day. I got up, put on a summer dress: black with a red and white flower print, buttons up the front, I bought it in Spitalfield's Market: cute with more than a hint of ho-down. Then I put on strappy sandals to go out. The sun went in. I put on socks and tan leather, vintage cowboy boots. And a cardi. The clouds thickened. I added a jacket. It went dark. I put on a coat instead and took my umbrella. This is not summer.......

Top tip: an umbrella is a handbag essential.


  1. Sounds like a typical September/October day in Missouri! During autumn and spring, it's not unusual to hit 3 of the 4 seasons in one day.

  2. My summer wardrobe and my winter wardrobe are one and the same.....

    ali x

  3. It's such a shame the weather is so mental! I now try and wear some of my summer dresses in the winter with a tight black long sleeved top and tights underneath. I can't seem to hang on to an umbrella though. I must have bought hundreds xx

  4. Seattle chic is a wooly hat, goretex jacket, shorts and a pair of keen sandals, with the addition of wooly socks in winter. This covers just about most of the year, except for the two weeks of summer, where the goretex can be safely stowed in the cupboard and replaced with a fleece jacket.