Thursday, 26 August 2010

Going off online..........

"No" I said for the third time, "they did not leave a card and yes, I have been here all day ..... waiting .... and nobody has tried to deliver anything."
I had been waiting ..... all day ....... for my Waring Pro Classic Blender, in chili red, a gift kindly bestowed upon me by the ex-ex-ex ....... (father of the children) and for which I was highly delighted and very excited to receive. Except I hadn't received it. It appears that the delivery company in question's delivery system can't process my address (three letters beginning with know the one). This is not the first time this has happened, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person who's had a bit of their address drop off in the system, but oh the anger and frustration. And I really didn't want to shout at the poor Scottish lady on the other end of the line because I knew it really wasn't her fault. But I did sort of suggest that I'd taken an entire day off work to be in between 8 and 6 which wasn't strictly true as I was working from home. But I was preoccupied........

What moment of madness had possessed us to do this transaction on line?
"Get it online" he'd said, "it'll be easier, use my credit card and just order it."
Why? I live in London. I could walk to a well known department store in London's vibrant West End (albeit quite a long walk but I could...) and buy it. What made us think that ordering off the online was a good idea? So here I was, on day 2, waiting for my virtual present to get real.

And then you know what happened? The box arrived, I ripped it open and ....... the lid was chipped. I say the lid, it was the little, removable plastic bit that can be removed to allow one to drizzle olive oil while making mayonnaise, and I'm sure lots of other really useful things. It's chippedness didn't really affect the blender's capacity to blend but..... it was a ludicrously expensive piece of kit, bought not least for it's beauty and ability to double as an ornament as well as being an invaluable kitchen aid, so it needed to be whole. At least to start with.

And so ......... I re-packaged the Waring Pro Classic and embarked upon a relationship with Cathy, who appears to run/own/man the switchboard, of a department store in ....... Yorkshire. Yes, apparently I had gone all the way to Yorkshire to buy my blender. We got to know each other quite well me and Cathy, what with the checking and double checking to see if the plastic bit alone could travel without the rest of the blender from Yorkshire to London. It can't. And so the original rubbish one then had to be packed up and picked up by the rubbish delivery company and then it had to get all the way back up north and then a new one had to be redelivered all the way down south..............and now, the Waring Pro Classic Blender, in chili red, stands erect in my pink kitchen. And you know what? It's brilliant.

Top tip: Get back in the kitchen, men may come and go but the Waring Pro Classic Blender is guaranteed for life..........


  1. I can sympathise! Tertarus bought a new tank for his motorbike on-line. It arrived, we signed for it....we opened the box - dented!

    But because we live on a Scottish Island, there is more than one delivery company involved and neither company could confirm or deny that they had caused the we just had to buy a new one. Not online. In Glasgow.

    T'intertubes are great - you can always find some sort of bargain on the item you're after; it's the delivery that they all need to get sorted out!

    Ali x

  2. Hello there!Thank you for visiting my blog!!
    A chilli red pro blender-sounds divine!But not good about the chip.It's no so bad if you do it yourself,but arriving brand new like that?! Poo!

  3. I'd never use the tinter for something I could get in the shops locally - because of this very reason. I have blender envy though now!! xxxxx

  4. As a man who's guarantee ran out with the lunar landings and can't remeber the last time he stood erect in a kitchen, pink or otherwise, I do find it easy to shop for things on line that don't have to fit. With a body like a corgi, clothes are a bit more of a challenge.

  5. And don't forget, you'll always have your *special moments* with Cathy. :-D

    Ordering online is always a gamble. But trekking to the store and fighting the crowds sometimes isn't any picnic either...especially in the womens' departments that tend to look like a tornado ripped through the racks!

  6. Your blender sounds lovely and I like the sound of chili red in a pink kitchen!

    I order so much stuff online and so far have been lucky but I would have sent anything straight back with a chip. The Actor would probably chip it in no time anyway! Hope you're well xx

  7. I also want to add that I would plug in anything electrical that was sent to me by my EX husband!

  8. The only electrical item my ex would send would be a chair!........

    Glad you got your blender "sorted"!