Friday, 9 April 2010

Food For Thought

Sad news about Malcolm McLaren. I was never much of a punk fan, a little fearful of The Sex Pistols, although I did become a big fan of PIL, but I did love the McLaren/Westwood world of fashion. I was at art college, living not far from the Kings Road, and we used to go to World's End and dress up as pirates and watch the big clock spinning backwards.....oh happy daze. A few years ago I saw Malcolm on a TV show about food and memories, a sort of my life on a plate thing, and he talked of picking dandelion leaves on Claphan Common when Vivienne was on a macrobiotic binge. Then he took us on a tour of a market in Paris where he was living, and the godfather of punk bought a chicken. It was quite a change to see the one-time enemy of the middle classes carefully examining la poule for freshness. He roasted it very simply with lots of garlic and a good dousing of French white wine. It looked so delicious I made the same the very next day and it was quite excellent. In our house it is still known as 'Malcolm McLaren chicken' so I made it in his memory.

'He's lovely,' said my girlfriend, 'he's going to call you.' I've only been on a couple of blind dates, the first being a blind drunk (I must have misheard....) and a total disaster, the second was very early evening with a very late night DJ and the fact that he was about a foot shorter than me meant it was a none starter from the off. So, despite my reticence, I held my breath. But he didn't call. And then he did. He called to say he'd be away for Easter, he didn't have his diary on him, he would call when he got back, or I could call him, and should he go to Thailand? Because quite frankly, apart from our coffee date there was nothing else keeping him in England....He didn't call. So, in the spirit of 21st century gender equality, I called him. He said he was out, could he call me another time...when he had his diary? I'm not holding my breath.......

And so to the great dating debate: to internet or not to internet? I know a woman who found Mr.Right on the web, indeed his name was actually Mr.Wright and now she's Mrs. Wright. And an Ex of mine has just moved in with the woman he has been dating for the last 2 years, whom he found in cyberspace. However, neither of them live in London and all the girlfriends I know who do, and have given it a whirl, have less successful, although sometimes quite hilarious, stories to tell. One even found herself regaling her newly married gay best friends with the impressive potential of a suitor only to discover they had heard the same story about the same man from another single friend. The big city can turn into a small town just when you least expect it.....

Top tip: For a spot of gory comedy and a complete break from the hum-drum doldrums of daily life go see Kick Ass (incidentally there is no way for an English person to say this without sounding a complete prat)


  1. I'm loving the sound of Malcolm McLaren chicken!
    I think give internet dating a go, just make sure you talk to them on msn then on the phone first. You are bound to have similarly hilarious stories!
    If you like PIL you may like my friend Princess Julia's cover, on the bottom of an interview I did with her on my blog xx

  2. I imagine you need to have really good self-esteem to be able to stand internet dating without slitting your wrists. I have never done it, but from the stories I hear, one of two scenarios happens. Either 1) the first time you meet them face to face, they don't like you and you feel dreadful about yourself, or 2) the first time you meet them, you don't like them and then you have to find a good reason to leave after 5 minutes. Yes, you may meet Mr Right in the process... but is it worth it when you consider that even Mr Right is going to leave his dirty socks all over the floor and will never care as much as you do about how clean the car is??

    I agree with your point about London - I've met a good chunk of the men in London and can confirm there is something wrong with all of them.... ;0)

  3. I think why not give the internet a go. Just remember all those safety rules you'd tell your daughter if she embarked on such a thing. ;)

  4. I didnt like punk at the time - too much spitting!!! But Malc and Viv were brilliant characters - truly unique and inspiring. I'm going to try the chicken - Its a greaqt story. Can't offer any advice on the dating i'm afraid. I think if I were single now, i'd just go for a dog! Far less trouble than a bloke, and often much more faithful. Good luck if you try it, at worst it will make for great blog posting!. xxxx

  5. I've known people who had much success with Internet dating and others who chalked it up to a complete disaster. Evidently, it's a crap shoot. I'm with Jayne: what would you advise your daughter to do if she wanted to try it? And about dogs...much easier to train. Honestly, I think you are a brave, brave woman for even wanting to get back into the dating scene!

  6. Just came across your blog! It is lovely!