Friday 25 October 2013

Birds of a feather……..

I was given Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. I was also given The
Golden Door: Letters To America by A.A.Gill. I started the first and 
found it delightfully funny, poignant, touching and informative but…..
after awhile a did get a bit bogged down in periods and pubic hair. So,
I started Gill’s book and it too was funny, poignant, touching and 
informative but …… a little bit of Gill can go along way. And so, I 
started reading alternate chapters of each book and guess what? It was just 

Like eating a crumbly piece of pecorino and a plump 
fig, or sardines cooked with sultanas, I found that 
together they worked perfectly. Who knew?

Top tip: when in doubt mix it up!! 


  1. Good tip, I can see these two are the literary equivalent of pecorini and fig!

  2. Well, there you go ..... you learn something new everyday. I think that I might get a bit mixed up if I did that though !!!! ........ I'm already confused .... watching The Paradise, I keep mixing it up with Mr. Selfridge !!!! XXXX

  3. I love your book comment presented as food image! Just my style.

  4. How to be a Woman's on my Christmas list.

    One of the lodgers--the nice ones not the Miss Silent--has a book all about food combinations and it's very interesting. I am currently in a state of repose otherwise I'd fetch it and find some odd combinations. But I can't leave the chaise longue and my glass of creme de menthe.

  5. I'd have never have thought of that. Would I get confused?

  6. Haha! Good idea. | liked Caitlin's book at first but got tired of it before finishing. Perhaps I should have tried that too.

  7. I stood next to Caitlin at The Green Man, the poor woman got interrupted countless times and was asked to pose for hundreds of photos and remained lovely and smily throughout. I haven't read the book but next time I see it in a chazza I might try it as she seemed so nice. x

  8. Oh, you're so right! I'm currently reading Kitchen Confidential and I'm Your Man. They balance each other nicely.

  9. I think How to be a Woman is on my book list. I am going to add The Golden Door.

  10. Bogged down in periods and pubic hair - love it! Yes, I stopped reading it half way through even though I love her, think it was probably for the same reason. Loved AA Gill when I lived in London, he's never afraid to be a s** stirrer

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  12. Mmmm, sardines cooked with raisins.