Friday, 13 January 2012


Just before Christmas I had a haircut: a cute bob, very French, very Louise Brooks. It was well received by family and friends. It worked with both a smokey eye/nude lip look and a flash of liner and a full-red-call-me-Marilyn pout. I was tres pleased. I was also pretty happy at the thought of a date with a prospective beau, v tall, v handsome, I'd met after, and I'm sure because of, the haircut. So happy, in fact, that I was still smiling after reading a text he’d sent while walking to the art shop to buy supplies to make Christmas cards with (4 years at art college not wasted……). I was doing the flash of liner and full-red-call-me-Marilyn pout look that day, the bob gleaming in the winter sun, and as I passed a man walking towards me……50-something, tall, slim, full-head of greying hair…….he smiled at me smiling. I went into the shop. I stood before a vast array of art materials making my choices when I realised the man from the street was now in the shop. I made my purchases. He bought a pen. We left together.

“Are you an architect?” he asked.

I’m not. He was. He asked if I worked near-by. I do. He asked if I go to the pub on the corner where everyone goes. On occasion I do. He asked if I’d like to go there for a drink, gave me his card, said give him a call. I didn’t.

That was then, this is a new year. The date that gave me a smile ended with a frown and so when I saw the architect’s card on my desk I thought, why not? Now, I did think it through, I did Google the practice, I did establish it was in fact his and I decided it was unlikely he was an axe murderer. I also wondered why he’d assumed I was single. And whether he was.

I called him. He did remember me. He was delighted. Happy new year....... We met that evening. In the pub on the corner. 6.30pm. He bought me a vodka & tonic. He was married. But his wife didn’t understand him. I did though. I finished my drink, suggested he explain the problems he had with his wife to his wife and got the bus home.

And this is a picture I once took of a boat on a beach in Goa.......just to remind us that somewhere else the sun is shining, the weather is hot, the sea sparkles silver in the morning and ripples gold in the evening........ and because now I can upload pictures I shall.......

Top tip: don’t talk to strangers……


  1. oh, my... hurray for possibilities, and smiling, and for getting shot of silly buggers like him... shame though; the next one will be single though.

    and hurray for you now uploading pics - love the goa one. x

  2. That's the title of my most recent, post, but for different reasons. Oh so sad to read this. Your hope and optimism quashed. But you handled it all beautifully.

  3. Men are opportunists. Women get to pick and choose. Such is the way of nature.

  4. ... original chat-up line though;) x

  5. Ah- but you got a story out of it.

    1. Well done for setting him straight & I'm pleased to see you can upload pics now.

      Happy New Year!

  6. Hello:
    Oh no, we really wanted bouquets of roses, a diamond ring, a gold band,a wedding and a happy ever after ending!!

    Still, 2012 is yet young and we are sure that the perfect suitor is just around the corner.

    And, as for strangers, well, we really have had some very good experiences after talking to them. Indeed, several are now amongst our best friends...don't give up!!

  7. Oh blimey I so wanted this to have a happy ending. Damn and blast the Cad! Happy New Year doll xx

  8. Love your line: he was married, his wife didn't understand him. I did though. Classic.

  9. I'm sure your mother must have told you that AGES ago! Have you thought about a good oldfashioned Singles club? You can browse the "goods" at your leisure on the walks/meals/outings that they organise. One of my pals had a succesful outcome at a local one. So glad you are doing photos. x

  10. Dang. But hurray for Louise Brooks bobs and red lipstick!

  11. Oh bugger !! It was all going so well and I thought that he might be the one..GIT !!
    ..... anyway, you now know that the great haircut et al works and is a great success.
    ....and, high five to uploading photos !! XXXX

  12. Ah shucks! Well, there's a better opportunity in your future. And you weren't a ninny and said, 'what the hell'. Good for you. Keep rockin' the haircut and pouty lips!


  13. Dang! I didn't want the story to end this way, but I would like to see a photo (perhaps from the back of your head) of this wondrous haircut!

  14. The LB hair and MM lips sound divine, happy endings are over rated!

  15. Bobbed hair, smokey eyes/nude lips.....I love this look:) shame about the architect though..:(

  16. Oh oh oh, and it all started so romantically. The bob with the smokey eyes sounds fabulous, though.

  17. It sounds like a wicked look you are working! Enjoy it!

    It's a pity that he turned out to be married - but at least he admitted it, which is always good. Worse if he had lied and you had got in too deep and THEN discovered that he had a wife and child...*cough*

    Work the look, smile at people and ONE just never know.... :-)

    Ali x

  18. "He bought a pen". Ha ha ha. Yes, I bet he really needed a *pen*, in that particular shop, on that particular day. Gosh what a Siren you sound like at the moment. Keep curling that hair and you'll be picking and choosing, just as Jacqueline said.

  19. Loving the sound of the "full-red-call-me-Marilyn pout!".........

    "He" is out there somewhere............

    Pleased to be able to comment on here, haven't been able to, so have changed my browser to Chrome.