Thursday 21 April 2011

Don’t cry for me......

On extremely Good Friday I fly first to Madrid and then, 14 hours later, arrive in Buenos Aires. Over the next two weeks I will make four more internal flights, not so much a carbon footprint as a carbon Ugg boot. Hell, I don’t have a car or a dishwasher.....I must have some Brownie points? I so need a holiday and now I’m going to get one with my mad, bad but amusing to know travelling companion. We have puffy jackets and bikinis, woolly hats and sunglasses, the Rough Guide and Tamazepam.......Happy Easter, see you in a couple of weeks. Has anyone told Argentina?

“Where are you?” he said as she heard the clack of his Cuban heel behind her.

She turned and saw him approach, his phone pressed to his ear, eyes scanning the commuters scurrying about Kings Cross station. Would it be wrong, she wondered, to just leave now? If she stepped back into WH Smith he’d never know, she could move fast in her Converse, she could double back and nip out the front and be on the No.30 before he’d even realised she’d hung up.

“Hi,” she said, pocketing her mobile and smiling the thin smile of disappointment. His joy was palpable.

“You have been waiting?”


“For long?”


“We go.....”



“Yes, fine....”

“I know a Spanish bar, you know...”

“No. Yes.”

“You have been...?”

“A long time ago.”

He may have been 6’1” but he was definitely not 41. Why use a picture of yourself that has got to be at least ten years out of date, she wondered? His Carhartt jeans, faded and tight to his narrow hips, were ironed; his white t-shirt fitted and high-necked, the dark-denim jacket stretched across his broad shoulders and round his neck a large, beaten-silver cross hung on a leather thong. He moved ahead of her, leading the way, and there it was: yes he did have a full-head of thick, short hair but at the back, the tiniest of pert pony-tales...........Already, she was out of conversation.

Top tip: a bit of spontaneity can do wonders for blowing away the cobwebs.


  1. Hello:
    We have loved every word of this which so clearly captures place, atmosphere, mood and character. Oh dear, the chance taken in the blind date!!

    Have a wonderful holiday in exotic Argentina and a safe return.

    A very Happy Easter.

  2. ENJOY Argentina!! I'm cringing at the blind date - yuck! Abby x

  3. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Love the blind date.... ;-)

    Take lots of pix and squirrel away little bits ofstories to make fablas blog posts!

    Ali xxxx

  4. Have a lovely time in Argentina.. Eat plent of their wonderful beef, I think you'll need all your strength.

    About the date: Hmmm. Never ever trust a bloke who wears pressed jeans AND has a ponytail.

    Unless he is of course a millionaire.

  5. Ponytail rules: if there is enough hair to warrant a ponytail then it seems a fairly sensible way of dealing with. If, however, the ponytail appears to be the focus of hair growth then run like buggery.

  6. Dear Jo, have an amazing, amazing time.

    Come round for drinks when you get back and I'll show you how to do pictures and how not to waste time on blind dates, I promise!

    Much love, C xxx

  7. Have the most fabulous trip and avoid men with ironed jeans. I can forgive a pony tail but pressed denim? Never! xxx

  8. I agree with Vix men in denim as crisp as paper - there is something they are hiding I convinced ;-)