Thursday 21 October 2010

I know when to go out....

But I want to stay in. 8 things in 7 nights: two movies, one gig, one play, one film festival thing with eminent actor/director/writer, one dinner party and a pub quiz at the Union Chapel.......and there's more, there's always more. This is just the nighttime stuff, things happen in the daytime too. Don't get me wrong, I'm got complaining.......well maybe just a little bit.....I love living in one of the most vibrant, happening, stupendous, read-all-about-it cities in the universe. But London is also a tube-crunching, elbowing-out-of-the-way, salt-in-the-wound, late-night, kebab-in-yer-gob, city of extremes, and it can be exhausting. Not to go to the many and marvellous galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas, cafes, bars and restaurants, with all their equal opps, ethno-diversity would be churlish and quite honestly a waste of a perfectly good city. So out we go. Otherwise we'd be in Dorking.

But the thing is....... maybe it's an age thing, maybe it's a seasonal thing..... I just want to stay home, under the duvet, on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, anywhere with a TV, watching winter telly. Because even with modern science allowing me to watch whatever whenever, it's hard to keep up. And everything makes me cry, whether it's Ann Widdecombe (clearly getting the Michael Portillo make-over and fast becoming a national treasure lite), almost whirling around the Strictly dance floor, or Dame Maggie scoring points over Penelope Wilton in Downton Abbey, ITV Sunday 9pm, which I'm loving for all it's stand-aside-madam, pre-war-Sunday-night-pomposity and the excellent Jim Carter whose nose must have it's own agent by now, entering ever room as it does, several minutes before anyone else. And now I have a supersized crush on Hugh Bonneville to deal with too. Not to mention Single Father, at the same time on BBC1, to which I have now become hooked. Is it just me, or is David Tennant rather vulnerably cute? I think he's very good, who knew? I missed what I believe was his masterful Hamlet, opting to see Jude Law instead when they were both strutting their stuff upon the stage (there is only so much Hamlet anyone person can take....) which I now rather regret. Jude's was OK, from the squat school of acting, as in he would randomly squat down on his haunches to deliver any given speech as if eyeing up a particularly tricky boules movement. And then of course there's Mad Men, Don Draper what are you doing? So many shows, so little time.......

Top tip: stay in and listen to Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service, 6 Music Sundays 4pm


  1. Thanks for popping in to my (very new) blog! Returned the call, as it were, and I'm really cross with you!! (joke) What I mean is, I got very caught up reading many of your witty, well-written posts, when I should be doing other things!! Great writing - love it! I'll be back. Also - to hell with your 50s, the 60s are (seriously) the business - life's a ball!

  2. I agree with you. Suddenly invitations to go out on a Saturday night (we are X Factor) are not met with much enthusiasm. I think its the dark nights and the hibernation thing. I always thought Ann Widdecombe was the best Prime Minister we never had - great lady. Ah Downton Abbey - I have a thing about "below stairs"!!!! and its such a lavish production! Jarvis - of course, one of ours(a Sheffielder) and getting better and cooler with age! xxxx

  3. Sundays the only night I get off so usually watch a bit of telly. I'm loving Downton Abbey I'm a sucker for a costume drama.
    Especially one where the heroines lover was unexpectedly sh****d to death!
    Haven't seen strictly only a few clips but am quite taken with Ann Widdecombe's hair,definitely the way forward for the older woman.

  4. So love your post and will enjoy following you!
    Thank you for stopping by my place and your beautiful comment!
    I will be come your newest follower and see you soon.

  5. Leading the high life can get a bit wearing (allegedly), so a cozy night at home under the duvet sounds just perfect. That's what I am planning on tonight, and as I am on my jack jones, I won't have to worry about falling asleep:)

  6. Dear Jo, I am so with you about the blanket and the TV. Shall we stay in drink wine and smoke roll ups? I have a couple of cashmere blankets or some rather lovely Thirties eiderdowns which might do. I love every TV show you've mentioned, and Jarvis's radio show. The only thing I haven't watched is Mad Men, unbelievable I know. I'm extremely glad you don't live in Dorking! Can you imagine?? Have a brilliant weekend. I'll give you a call xx

  7. I promised myself I would NOT get hooked into "X" Factor, I would NOT watch "Strictly" and that Sunday evening dramas such as "Downton" would be slushy rubbish.......... but.............. I watch all three. "Downton" is the one of the three I don't want to miss a single episode of...... sigh......

  8. Is it just me ? I find Ann Widdecombe a charmless old bag -( never liked her politics either!)...she seems to be going for the 'dear old granny' vote but one should remember that she is younger than Felicity Kendall and only two years older than Pamela Stephenson (- two women proving you can still be fabulous in your 60s and beyond). John Sergeant had charm in spades - but I'm afraid Widders just doesn't do it for me!

    I know what you mean about winter hibernation though !! Loving the blog as always !