Friday 11 December 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho? Ha ha ha ..........

When it comes to homemade I'm right there on point....I make my own Christmas cards, knit gifts, make bath salts, pots of jam and bags of French lavender, 4 years at art college not wasted.........But that's not a patch on Kirsty Allsop's do-it-yourself Christmas. She's out of control, I mean honestly, gold-leafing fresh fruit to use as a place setting? I don't think so. The bonus fact was that you could actually eat it. So, after the turkey and the stuffing and the handmade chocolate truffles and the gold dusted mince pies, if you're still feeling a bit peckish, you can tuck into the apple that bares your name, written on a brown card 'travel tag', which apparently can be bought from any....'travel shop'. Really? Then there was the homemade cupcake candles and the hand crafted crackers, which apparently take 3 loo rolls to create that perfect look (who knew). And then, when all was said and done, the table laid, the candles lit, the sugar-frosted fruits piled high, Kirsty said.............this looks really nice.

I now have a big cold and a big Rudolph red nose, not a good look for the fun-filled festive party season. However, I did brave the blizzard and step out into the bleak mid-winter night to join in a bit of yo-ho-hoing. And jolly good fun it was too, once the meds had kicked in and the first drink was drunk. It was a big house full of media folk so there was much talk of 'the trouble' the industry was in. They had their very own cocktail bar, an inspired move. A groovy single Dad with Wayfarer specs and a beatnik beard had offered to shake and stir, it's what he did by profession as it turned out, and he was very good at his trade. All in all it was an excellent night out and not a gilded pear in sight.

Top tip: The all-in-one tubes of cold remedy really do get you through the night, especially with a cocktail chaser.

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