Friday, 11 May 2012

Singing in the rain........

"I can't see you this weekend." he said, gravely.
"Oh," she said, "right."
"You're going to be so envious," he said, the smile returning to his voice, "when I tell you where I'm going this weekend."
"Really." she said, wishing he hadn't phoned.
"Yeah, I'm going away for the weekend."
"Where are you going for the weekend?"
"Oh you're going to be so envious."
"So, where are you going."
"I'm going to Paris." he said.
"Right. Great. Paris. Great." she paused, wishing she hadn't answered the phone. "Right."
"Yeah, I'm going to see my friend, you know," the smile had become a grin, "the one I told you about?"
She thought for a moment.
"Chloe." she said.
"Yeah, it's been booked for ages. I booked it ages ago."
She thought for another moment.
"Mmmm, yeah." he said, tentatively, "going to meet her new man."
She didn't speak.
"The American." he said.
"Yeah," he said gravely, "hope it doesn't rain," trying to make the trip a less enviable prospect, "probably will."
"Does it matter?" she said, "It's Paris."

I found a large bottle of vintage port and a box of 'intensely chocolatey' French truffles on my desk, a note saying: thank you so much. .....for fixing up the mess and covering the ass of my young colleague while she was away on her 3 week holiday.

Top tip: How About I Be Me (You Be You) Sinead O'Connor's latest album will keep you dancing round the kitchen on even the wettest days.


  1. It doesn't matter if it's Paris...

  2. I agree, Paris is just one of those cities that pull you back, regardless of season, weather or love life. *sigh*

    I miss Paris.

    Well done on covering for your colleague, and well done to her for recognising the fact with a large bottle of vintage port.

    I wish my colleagues would say thanks in the same way. I'm lucky to get a Pilchard sandwich.

  3. Must get back to Paris...last time was a frantic dash with fellow students from art college long long ago.
    Husband received a bottle of whisky as a thank you yesterday... Sweedish whisky !!!

  4. Paris isn't going anywhere so, that's no big deal....anyway, London is far superior !! ( Oh dear, I can hear many sharp intakes of breath all over Paris loving Blogland after that statement !!!! haha)
    I'd much rather stay in with Port and truffles and a good film or book or, even shared with friends.....does that show my age ?!! XXXX

  5. .....Oooooo.....that was a bit commented on my post at exactly the same time as I commented on yours !! XXXX

  6. Sinead O'Connor has a new album? I can't wait to hear it.

  7. Hello:
    We are with Jaqueline on this!! Far better places than Paris, especially if it is going to be raining.

    Port and truffles sound extremely decadent to us and a perfect accompaniment to a wonderful night in....we are certain that someone else would be of the same mind man or a good film, either way, a winner!!!

    1. What happens when only one of you thinks something? :)

  8.'s been so long since I was last in Paris.
    What a wonderful thank you gift, hope you enjoyed the treat. x

  9. You've mastered the written dialog. Well, well done.

  10. Why did he have to rub it in so much? Or he could have just said he's got to go on a sales conference in Doncaster.

  11. I wish someone would give me chocolates for covering their asses at work. I've been in a landmine of others' disasters recently and, without a simple thank you, it can get a lit-tle taxing. Blech.

    Have a chocolate for me please.

  12. The chocolate is the bit I honed in on. So how do I find a colleague to cover for?

  13. Beautiful photo! =)

  14. They've had torrential rain in Paris - did you see Francois Hollande yesterday? - if that makes you feel a better! Enjoy your chocolates.

  15. If he booked it ages ago, why did he only just mention it? He'd better bring you a decent present. x

  16. Around here, we go to Vancouver BC for holidays.

    Paris would be impossible.

  17. You created a genuine moment in a person's life!

    Friendly Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  18. Paris is shite. Wet or not. I'd rather be in London any day.