Monday, 16 February 2015

The play's the thing.....

I took my mum to see The Hard Problem, the new Top Stoppard play, last week at the delightfully revamped Dorfman Theatre at the National. It's about...... consciousness, I think. What is it?
What's the difference between the mind and the brain? And the answer is..... I don't know. And I'm not sure Tom does but no matter, it was a lot of fun trying to find out. Tom Stoppard's stuff is often very funny and as a friend once said to me after we'd been to see Rock 'n' Roll, you feel more intelligent by osmosis just watching his plays. And although much of the science went over our heads, mum thought it was a great birthday present so job done. 

The other big news is my very own, home grown rhubarb is already ripe and ready here in the rhubarb triangle of north London. Having been given the delicious cook book, Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour, for Christmas I was inspired to create this pudding..... rhubarb with rosewater yogurt and pistachios.

Top tip: try something hard and expand your mind....while you can still remember to do so!!


  1. Hello,

    One of the few things we miss about England when we are here in Budapest is the theatre. It is just too inaccessible with the impenetrable Hungarian, even if we know the play well. Tom Stoppard is a favourite of ours, so we should have loved this gift too.

    Your Rhubarb concoction looks very exotic. Ripe already...amazing. There really is nothing quite
    like those first few young shoots for a taste sensation to remember. Delicious!

    The tip is a good one. As one gets older there is a danger, we feel, of closing in and staying safe. We trust that immersing ourselves in Hungarian and living as foreigners in this very foreign land will stave off any lack of adventure in our lives!

  2. Oh lovely! Two great treats!

    I recently bought "Persiana" myself, but haven't tried anything yet. Have you cooked any other recipes from the book?

  3. Goodness, that rhubarb is early! mine is not even showing its first leaves. And I live in North London too!

  4. That rhubarb looks and sounds delicious! xxx

  5. I always think that any live theatre is good, even if I don't understand it !!!!
    …… ' try something hard and expand your mind ' …. ooooerr Missus !!!!!! haha XXXX

  6. Fabulous advice! Thanks

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed that play - I read a review of it recently and was taken with the idea, but will be far too lazy to trek up from Brighton for it. I may re-think now though! 'Tis a good idea to try something hard and keep the grey matter going though. That rhubarb dish looks good :)

  8. I love a good play - Tom Stoppard is wonderful.
    Rhubarb is a delightful fruit (?), and how fantastic to have it growing in your garden. It is far too hot for us to do the same. Your Persian dessert ticks all the boxes for me!

  9. I love rhubarb and the pudding looks delicious:) Have a cozy day. xoxo

  10. Hello and many thanks for popping over to my blog! What a treat to take your mum to a Tom Stoppard play. Living down here in Cornwall we do miss out on such joys of theatre...your rhubarb looks wonderful.
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

  11. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog - love yours!
    I'll swap you a cookie for a rhubarb yogurt!
    Keri x

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