Thursday, 19 April 2012

The language of love......

"Are you sure," she asked.

The movie had been great. The pub was brilliant. The second brilliant new discovery she'd made with him. He had said lets do this again, what did that mean?

"So Friday?" she said.
"Yes." he said.
"Charlotte Rampling." she said.
"Love Charlotte Rampling." he said.

It was beginning to rain again, she could see the blur of No. 38 moving closer.

"I mean you don't have to. If you don't want to." she said, looking up at him, the bus almost there. Should she kiss him good bye? On the cheek? On the lips?

"No. Sorry," he said, he looked flustered.
She looked at the bus.
"I do want to. Am I sending mixed messages?"

Mixed messages, she thought, she didn't even know she was on the mailing list.

Top tip: go see Le Harve..... utterly excellent.


  1. Hello:
    Well, we cannot advise about the mixed messages, but we did look at the film trailer and liked what we saw very much indeed!!

  2. I think he's made it pretty clear there what he'd like to do! But I recognise that insistent self-doubt though, when you can't quite believe that someone likes you.

    Le Havre is coming to Lancaster next month (the film I mean - I don't think Brittany is going to snap off and start sailing up the Irish Sea) and I've got it marked down in my diary already.

  3. You sent me a mixed message with Le Havre....I was about to book the ferry !! haha
    ....... just kiss him !! XXXX

  4. I'll have to see that, I love Kaurismäki.

    And yeah, go on and kiss him.

  5. I like mixed messages, they add a hint of suspense. Unless of course they're spam.

  6. Stop the moment he says yes! Don't talk him out of it - then grab him, kiss him and daintily jump on to the No. 38 with your back leg coquettishly bent at the knee behind you - just like in the films...sigh...CUT!

  7. Tony's right.

  8. Either a film buff or he's playing hard to get (not usually a trait I've seen in men) or shy or....

  9. Just read your strapline - 'rewrite the manual for the jam-making years'. Love that. Am turning 50 on Friday - I may be needing more of the advice on your blog ...

  10. I so need to see it:) Have a great day, dear.

  11. Thanks for the film tip off - gawd I can feel my cheeks burning with the uncertainty.

  12. Oh I've seen Le Havre, it's a lovely film. I'm the worst person to ask for dating advice - just get drunk & snog him!

  13. You're not meant to talk him out of another date! Relax?

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  15. He loves Charlotte Rampling...he's a keeper.
    Hugs, B x

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