Saturday, 2 April 2011

Notes from the edge......

Why does society blame single mums for all of society's ills.......... yet when we see a single dad with a toddler we say aaaaah........
Why is a single man of a certain age the most wanted guest at any dinner, a single woman of a certain age a social pariah?

I had to email an A Gill to re-direct an un-delivered DHL package..... is AA Gill moonlighting?

Last night I went to a party at Mrs Jones Emporium, hosted by the fabulous Fee Doran, full of fabulous people and even more fabulous clothes, really, if you live in London you really must get yourselves down there. Check out KEEPING UP WITH MRS JONES And I finally met up with the divine Christina from Fashion's Most Wanted We have been circling each other for sometime, paths criss-crossing out of time, so it was with much excitement when she rocked into view, a vision in a multi-coloured kaftan. For those of you keen to know....... she is not the
impossible beauty with an impossibly perfect life, that some might imagine, she's even better. In real life she has a warmth of heart and a generosity of spirit that is the true beauty.
And we drank vodka tonics to celebrate.........

"Black Americano" he said.
"Me too" I said.
Sitting in the over-sized armchairs, spring sun warming the glass, outside the number 19 stops and in the distance a siren.
"I'm a single father" he said.
"Aaaaaah" I said.

Top tip: For all that glitters......... go to Mrs Jones Emporium


  1. I'll check out Cristina, I don't know who she is...I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to fashion! :)

  2. Oh............don't get me started on this one...... Just DON'T........

  3. Single mothers aren't respected, but then neither are stay at home mums, or career women, or women who choose not to have kids at all. GAH!

    Great to meet you last night, isn't the emporium magical. And I second you on how lovely Christina is :) x

  4. It's teenage mums I admire. So clever to get all the small children bit done while you still have the energy. Then when they're leave-home-able age - you're not dead. Brilliant! Why did I do it all so backwards?

  5. Ahhhh! Jo! That's so lovely!! I'm so glad we've finally got it together to meet, especially as we only live five minutes from each other! Let's get together very soon, love C xx

  6. Give Christina a hug from me, as I doubt I'll be able to do that any time soon. I miss your posts by the way.

  7. I've read Christina's post already. Single parents of either gender are heros/heroines to my way of thinking, but I do recognize the unfortunate difference in how they are treated.

  8. ""I'm a single father" he said.
    "Aaaaaah" I said."

    I hope you exchanged photos so you could go Aaaaah together.

    Kaftans? I thought they went out of fashion in the 70s.

    But I'm a bloke, and what do we know.

  9. wish I could have been at Mrs Jones's do. Sounded and looked like brilliant fun.

    Fab that you and Christina have finally met up. aaaaah - look, it's not just single fathers that elicit that kind of response :-)

    Ali x

  10. And was there more? (after the 'aaaaah') - or have I just a fevered brain having come back from lots of hot sun and endless novel-reading?!

  11. I always blame the Dads who run off. xxxx

  12. Why does society blame single mums for all of society's ills.......... yet when we see a single dad with a toddler we say aaaaah........

    Good question! Answer?: Because society is SEXIST as fuck.

    I wish I could have gone to Fee's bash, but it would have been a LONG swim!

    Love you much.


  13. I'm so glad I've found your blog. Although I have some opportunities to travel, I mostly live a very reclusive life in my studio, painting :) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know what's going on in the outside world.