Thursday, 14 April 2011

I'd just like to thank the academy.....

Thank you so much to Hestia's Larder for awarding me this award......
The rules of the award are that you should pass the award on to a handful of blogs with under 300 followers and provide a link back to the person who awarded it to you. So, in no particular order.....
And thank you all so much for your warm wishes of bon voyage. I shall endeavour to report back as faithfully as the censor will allow and hopefully, with the help of the divine Christina, fromFashion's Most Wanted learn how to put up a photo or two.......

With holiday in the air.......whether like me you’re jetting down to South America or planning an Easter staycation sandwiched between two super-sized bank holiday weekends..... there is no better time to dust yourself down and spruce yourself up. It’s not called Spring Clean for nothing. The sun has shown it really can shine and, hopefully, will be back to shine some more........ oh please don’t let that be it..... raising the temperature and our spirits. After the longest winter in recorded least that’s what it felt like ..... with the endless dark, desolate skies clagged in drizzle and the damp-rot of dull grey days, it’s easy to let the beauty routine slide: complexions become pallid and sagged, limbs plump and flab with more than a hint of winter mange. It’s not a good look.

And so I hastily made the necessary appointments, have started walking to a bus stop further away than usual.....every little bit helps.....and am refusing all solids till after take-off.....after my low-carb-holiday-of-Malbec-and-steak I hope to return fit –for-summer. Now waxed and polished, so to speak, I do feel a whole lot better, lighter, brighter, fit for purpose. And so I got to wondering, why didn’t I pay more attention to myself sooner?

“Well,” she said, twisting the phone cord around her ring finger, “You know, the type who are trouble.”
“Trouble?” he said, his words in English, his accent in Spanish.
“Drink too much, too many drugs,” she laughed nervously, had he missed the joke? Did he even understand anything she was saying? And anyway, what did he mean what type of man did she like? When did choice come into it?
“Aah.... trouble.” He did get the joke. “Maybe you need a different type.”
“Yes, I think maybe I do.”
She looked at his picture again. This had to be a joke. A Spanish joke: tall, dark and somewhere between Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas. It was a good joke.
“So,” she said, “Where are you from?”
Barcelona, she thought, Madrid perhaps?
“Me,” he said, “I am from Argentina.”
“Argentina!” “Yes, I am from Argentina.”
“ Oh. My. God. But I’m going to Argentina.”
“You are going to Argentina?”
“Yes, I’m going to Arentina.”
“Then I think we should have a coffee,” he said, “yes?”
“Yes.” She said.

Top tip: don’t wait for the sun to put it’s hat on, treat yourself to a trip to the beauty parlour.


  1. Wow, how exciting. South America is top of my list of places to visit - and has been for a very long time (one day!) Are you going to Buenos Aires? We're off on a high-carb Italian holiday, well we're taking off for a couple of days to avoid the royal wedding.

    Buenas vacaciones!

  2. Thanks! Nice of you to think about me! Have a great time - perhaps you might show us a few photos!! PS I loved the link to the ultra cool party - It looked great. x

  3. Have an excellent time. What an adventure!

  4. Thank you so much for the award. I'm rubbish at following rules, but will display it proudly and link back to your blog.

    Have an absolutely brilliant trip :)

  5. a little break is nice now and then. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Actual conversation? I am impressed.

  7. Hello:
    We are drawn into this highly entertaining post almost unknowingly. The 'conversation' is wonderful - "twisting the phone cord around her ring finger" - so much so that the whole scene becomes real and is alive. 'Enjoy' to use the over used word of today's youth!

  8. Thank you for the award. Hope you have a lovely holiday and don't do anything I wouldn't do!!!!!

  9. Hmmm- a cross between Antonio Banderas and Xavier Bardem *eyes glaze over and starts to drool*

    Ali x

  10. Ditto what Ali's just said.

    Of course I'll show you how to do pictures. Call me and come over and I'll teach you, it's so easy you'll wonder why you haven't done it before.

    I'd like a full report on your hair too. Love, C xx

  11. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Congrats on your award, keep on blogging!

  12. Have a wonderful trip Jo.
    Will you be back Mid May. I'll be in London for a few days around the 16th. It would be wonderful to share some wine one afternoon.

  13. how exciting! have a wonderful time! :)

  14. Too thrilling - is he a polo-playing millionaire? (thinks all SAmericans are). Enjoy your trip!

  15. Sounds a bit exciting.


    I still think we should have nuked Buenos Aires