Saturday, 22 October 2011

My life in pictures........

If it was a movie I would have run down the road and across the walking bridge to Tate Modern and along the embankment, under the glittering lights, hung low and bright and blue in the trees, and into the British Film Institute. I would have turned with a pleading look to the girl with the clip-board standing by the door and she would have smiled, said 'it's OK, you've missed nothing' and let me in. I would have stumbled in the half light to my seat and Alexander Payne, the director of About Schmidt, Sideways and out-soon, The Descendants, would have paused from discussing George Clooney's performance in his new film, looked directly at me and said, 'there's a seat here,' gesturing to the front row. After a fascinating talk about his life and work, when the clapping had died down and we were all reaching for our coats, the enigmatic, gently greying, American would have stepped forward and said, 'Hi.' He would have smiled and hoped I'd enjoyed his talk. I'd have apologised for being late, the buses, the traffic, my crazy madcap life. He would have laughed at my amusing story and asked if I lived in London, if ..... if I was doing anything, how he was having a crazy time of meet and greet and premiers and dinners at the London Film Festival and how it would just be so nice to go for a quite drink, if I wasn't busy that was.....

But it's not a movie, so I ran down the embankment, the cold night air rasping my throat, my bag heavy on my shoulder, sweating my way through the early evening lovers and theatre going tourists who blocked my path, and into the BFI where the girl with the clipboard said the email I thrust at her wasn't good enough and that I would have to go to the box office on the other side of the building to collect my ticket first. At the box office they couldn't find my ticket but they did find a return. Eventually. I ran back to the girl on the door with the clipboard who said I could go in but not without the usher. She went to find the usher. The usher ushered me in to an empty seat next to a man with a beard who kept texting. Alexander Payne didn't notice me. The talk was good though.

Top tip: for dark humour with gorgeous George, go see The Descendants, coming soon to a theatre near you.


  1. crowds, sweat, heavy bags, ticket hassle... never a problem in the movies. glad you enjoyed the talk, even though your evening wasn't the first version! x

  2. Oh dear....why don't things ever turn out like the movies when we go to the movies ?!! It's always the opposite in real life, isn't it ?
    Never mind.....when your not thinking about it, it will happen. I really look forward to that post !! XXXX

  3. You obviously need a man to organise your life.

    Is George Clooney available?

  4. Ah well if my life was like a movie I would look oh so glamerous while walking my dog & not wearing tatty old jeans tucked into boots, splattered with mud, salty spray in my hair & a roll of poo bags in hand as my movie dog wouldn't actually poop on the beach ! and of course my movie dog would ALWAYS come back when called !

  5. I'm dying to see this. Shame real life didn't echo the movie. x

  6. Maybe next time it might be like the movies?

  7. Great imagination you have there - I like a good fantasy!