Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day???

Well hopefully not if you live in England......... a bit of a damp squib? Dull? Unreliable? Even my first grown and of which I had such high hopes, such ambitions: the salads, sauces, soups....resolutely won't go red.

As we wave good-bye to August and the sticky fingers of lollies licked too slowly, strawberry-stained mouths and sand-between-our-toes...or not......and tip-toe out of the rock-pools, hang-up our shrimping nets once more, and step away from the 99s, there is still the hope, a desperate, clinging, collective wish...... it could be an Indian summer. Nothing, incidentally to do with India who enjoy their summer in the same months as we do, albeit a good deal warmer. No, the hope of hot'n'sunny September days hangs heavy in the air and I imagine that is why I've been invited to Regent's Park open-air theatre tonight and also to a party-in-a-garden and a BBQ too. We are taking a picnic and a good deal of wine and blankets and wet-weather-kit-just-in case.....

And just in case the sun doesn't shine through September I'm off to France for a few days where there will be a higher chance of less rain and a guarantee of free-flowing pink wine and I shall walk and talk and eat outside before coming in for the winter.

Last night I had an extraordinary dream about an ex-boyfriend....very vivid and quite disturbing.....where I apparently expressed thoughts and feelings quite untrue of me and more akin to him.....what does it all mean I wonder? Don't eat toasted cheese for supper perhaps?

Top tip: whether rain or sun, go see The Gaurd, hilarious and Brendan Gleeson is sublime.


  1. Hope you have a lovely time in France. I had a funny dream last night too - I cut off Dr Who's head! Must be something in the air!

  2. Hello:
    We were happy to recently escape the decidedly chilly Brighton air for the sun of Budapest where, as I write this, temperatures are still in the high 20Cs and the nights warm and balmy. Yes, we are holding on to summer a while longer yet. It somehow seems too soon to let go!!

    Wrap up warm for the outdoors!!!Have a lovely time!!

  3. One never has to step away from the 99s.

    Have fab time in France! And yes, keep off the cheese at night!

    Ali x

  4. Passer de bonnes vacances et manger du fromage naturellement.

  5. Do you know, weve had quite a decent summer around these parts - hardly any rain!!! Have a great time in France ! xxx

  6. August was not good but, September has started well so, I'm hopeful !
    Enjoy the sunshine of France....and, of course, the wine and food and wine and more wine and perhaps a little wine and hold Autumn off for a while.
    Have fun. XXXX

  7. I had a dream recently where Fabio Capello was all over me and trying to do something rude. I wrested myself free from him and walked out of the room, and said to my brother, who was waiting to go in "Watch Fabio - he's a dirty bugger."

    Very envious of you going to France. It's been a total washout of a summer here oop north.

  8. Good weather seems to be an inevitable part of school restarting. Hope France lives up to expectations!

  9. I recently discovered your blog and I love reading it. Enjoy France! And have wonderful dreams . . .

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  10. Have fun in France...and may you NOT encounter the ex-boyfriend there.

  11. Have a bad dream free holiday and soak up the sun..............

  12. Have the best time in France but step away from any cheese after 6pm!
    My tomatoes are suffering the same fate as yours. I think it'll be green tomato chutney if we don't get any more sunshine. x

  13. Oh goodness, I envy you.

    Open air theatre under a late summer sky, the swallows still swooping and chirping, and then you're off to France; great cheeses, wines and fruits. *sigh* Down here in NZ, cultural altitude is depicted bywearing or not wearing jandals at a barbie. The really uncouth (or the really, really cool come barefoot). It gets confusing sometimes. Have a lovely time.

    Not sure about the dream, bit freaky really. Could be the first sign of a raging and rampant libido, in which case probably best that you get to France as quick as yopu can.

    PS We had piles of green tomatoes last year as well.

  14. After a very late start, the summer here (3 weeks in August) came to an abrupt halt yesterday. The temp dropped 20 degrees overnight. Time for the abundance of fall foraging, of which I'm sure you'll get lots in France. Have a lovely time and don't worry about the cheese.