Monday, 8 November 2010

An Angel at my table.....

So, I have a story I will tell you and you can make of it what you will. Several years ago I met a friend of a friend who was very into Angels. She was writing a book about them and told me all about it. Now I'm quite into a bit other-worldly hoo-ha and I like the idea of having a Guardian Angel, Wings of Desire and all that. So I listened intently. She told me I was very angelic, asked where I lived.
'North London', I replied, 'near the Angel.'
'Of course you do.' she said.
When the book was published she sent me a copy and it's a lovely book.

Now, feeling somewhat fed up last week, rather lacking in work from the many and varied freelance jobs I do, and rather broke, I happened to pick up the Angel book and read the bit about being successful and solvent. Apart from asking the Angels for help it suggested sprinkling angel confetti on your bills ........ OK I thought, whatever. The next day I happened upon some of these tiny silver angels at a friend's house so I popped one into my purse...... why not? Half an hour later I got a call to come do a last minute make-up job for an eminent director who was being interviewed. And today I have been offered another job on an on-going basis ......... what can I say? The spirit has moved me.

Downton Abbey is over, for the time being, and what a roller-coaster it was. Am now bereft. How will I cope without (my) Hugh Bonneville? It's going to be a long, harsh winter.

Top tip: Co-Op Fairtrade Chocolate Brownies.....I know, I know but just try them.....


  1. Well, seems to have worked:) Choc brownies are the business - haven't tried the co-op ones. But hey, if they're Fairtrade, it'd be churlish not to buy them.....

  2. It was your time.
    New work, new challenges, the winter will pass before you realize it.

  3. Big Brendon Coyle fan here. I'm thinking of investing in the box set! Upstairs downstairs is on the history channel on Saturday mornings, but its a bit "Acorn Antiques" with wobbly scenery! Off to find an Angel to pop in my very empty purse. xxxx

  4. I'm a bit depressed about Downton being finished too.Its one of the few things I watch on Telly.
    Off into town now to source some angel confetti.

  5. Dear Jo, what a great story. I might give that a go with my bills!

    Years ago I got told my someone who was into Feng Shui to keep the lid on my loo down. Apparently this stops you losing money. I religiously did this for a day. The next day I popped down to the corner shop very late and it was cold so I put a coat on I hadn't worn for ages - in the pocket I found a fifty pound note that I don't remember having! The next day I'd dropped a lighter under the bed and there was four! twenty pound notes! All very bizarre and I have no explanation for this. Needless to say I am always putting lids down on loos and very often find money. When boys come round I shout after them "Put the lid down! It's good for my Feng Shui" Of course they think I'm completely dotty.

    I have tons of period drama DVD's. When we have a drink you're welcome to come and borrow whatever you like. That should sort out your Downton Abbey fix for the winter xx

  6. Hello - Came across to thank you for your comment and also for following.

    Know what you mean about Downton - I hate it when good telly comes to an end. There are some great characters in it. That O'Brien is such a meany - I can barely watch when she's on. Mr Bonneville is quite lovely. There's going to be such a gap on Sunday evening now. May have to buy the box set to relive it all. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. There's almost too much telly for me! ..but then I am usually drawn to the American dramas ...and, deep joy, Desperate Housewives is back! Ugly Betty is slowly, sadly winding down and I am still 'bitten' by True Blood. ( fabulous Alan Ball!) What with The Apprentice and the Weekend X Factor/Strictly Fest, I may never leave the house this winter...

  8. PS...congrats on the job ...glad to hear you have had some divine intervention!

  9. This is such a great story and the perfect way to start my Saturday :)
    And grats on your job!!

  10. Came over from Vintage Tea time. Like your blog. I agree that it was a tragedy when Downton Abbey finished, and I was watching David Tennant in Single Father too, so a double tragedy. Sunday nights I've had to go back to planning my teaching for the week. How boring is that?!